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Praise for Women In Bed, a collection of nine interconnected stories about love--romantic, familial, passionate--and the consequences of loneliness and rejection.

"Jessica Keener is master of immediacy – I started to become intimate with her heroines on the first page of each story in Women in Bed. There’s a clever irony in that suggestive title, for although some of the women are in bed with men, others are paired with women, others are sadly alone with disappointment, and some are dying. I shared the sorrow of all." Edith Pearlman, winner of the National Book Critics Award and PEN/​Malamud award for Binocular Vision.

"Demonstrates a versatile voice and ability to deliver as much exquisite detail as the stories’ brevity will allow." Publishers Weekly

"Stories are memorable, deep and haunting." Digital Journal

"Poignant, surprising, funny, and gorgeously written, Women in Bed is a rich collection of moving tales that will engage you from the first page." One of ten Winter Reads chosen by Shape Magazine

Chosen as one of "12 New Books You Won’t Be Able to Put Down!" A fall must-read by editors (November 2013)

"In Women in Bed, Keener leads us through a lifetime of searching. Her characters’ lives, taken together, are social commentary on the arc of relationships over a lifetime."
The Sunday Rumpus Review (December 2013)

Women In Bed recommended story collection in Shelf Awareness column by Robert Gray, contributing editor (November 2013)

"I devoured her latest short story collection, Women in Bed." Ann Kingman of Books on the Nightstand (November 2013)

"Jessica Keener's Women in Bed is an impressive, vividly told collection of short stories about love and intimacy. I marveled at the stories in this collection." Largehearted Boy (October 2013)

"Jessica Keener is an exquisite writer of the shorter tale. She has mastered that nearly impossible trick of condensing entire lives into compelling and telling brevities. Of finding the right image." Beth Kephart, Reflections (November 2013)

"Jessica Keener words are often achingly beautiful. I loved her first novel, Night Swim, and have been savoring these nine short stories like chocolates, eaten slowly, one by one, from the deluxe box, to stretch out their enjoyment. Keener writes about love in all its incarnations and she packs an impressive depth and richness into each of these tales. Her characters yearn and seek and hurt and heal. The language is quietly eloquent, and although the stories may be short, they will stay with you for a very long time." Lois Alter Mark, Midlife at the Oasis

"Last year, Jessica Keener published her first novel, Night Swim, a moving and wistful tale of memory and nostalgia, both their comforts and pitfalls, all focused on the Kunitz family in 1970s Boston. She has now released a collection of short stories, Women in Bed, nine stories, or better I say portraits of women, brief glimpses of their lives and loves, forming a many-faced character study. The prose is lucid and lovely, meditative and melancholic, and makes a perfect companion to the novel." The Tottenville Review Interview by Scott Cheshire (November 2013)

"Her words are bold and brave ." The Quivering Pen "Everything Happens In Bed" Interview by Joyce Norman. (November 2013)

"I love a memorable collection of short stories -the list of the ones that have stayed with me through the years such as Ann Hood’s An Ornithologist’s Guide To Life , Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies and Alice Munro’s Open Secrets is now joined by Jessica Keener’s Women In Bed. With its provocative title, Keener’s stories are close to the surface, haunting and uplifting. " Reading with Robin Robin Kall, radio host

“What we do – or don’t or won’t do – for love, in all its incarnations, is at the fiercely beating heart of this stellar collection of linked stories. As exhilarating as love at first sight, and written in prose as clear and spare as a single bed, these stories linger, haunt and showcase the talents of a literary master.”
Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You and Is This Tomorrow

"Seductive, incandescent, suspenseful, and wise, Women in Bed is a masterful collection that explores a landscape of intimate love, heartbreak, and desire. Keener’s writing has a thrilling clarity. At once multifaceted and seamless, these stories map, with searing precision, the intricacies of the heart and those irrevocable moments on which a life turns." Dawn Tripp, author of Game of Secrets and winner of the Massachusetts Book Award

“It is impossible to turn away from these beautiful and evocative stories. Jessica Keener explores the courage, vulnerabilities, and strength of women in every phase of life. No matter who you are, you will see a version of yourself illuminated in this poignant, powerful book.” Jessica Anya Blau, author of The Wonder Bread Summer

“Haunting and profoundly thought-provoking, the nine stories in Jessica Keener's Women In Bed are probing, unflinching portrayals of self-reflection and redemption.”Maryanne O’Hara, author of Cascade, a People magazine "Book Picks, 2012"